We've mentioned before that Aurélie Bidermann is one of our new designers this spring when we open again. We all have loved her jewels for some time now and when we visited her showroom in Paris this fall she was there, and we could really sense her magic. Not only is she a very stylish woman, she designs amazing jewelry as well. She is inspired by nature, and believes that all the best colors comes from there. Her craftsmanship is flawless, and she works with precious metals and stones. It's the perfect mix between French and Italian, chic and casual. You can wear her jewels to a gala, or just with jeans and a t-shirt. We love the bracelets you can stack together, or the lace series, incredible and hard to take your eyes of. Every piece has a story. Like the clover necklace which actually has a genuine clover inside of it. How incredible is that? This is what we call, haute-bohemian elegance and we can't wait to get her pieces and help you find your favorite one.

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