Last day of Paris fashion week is today, which also means last day of the fashion month for this year. It's been a great one and there are some shows that I will never forget, like Tibi. Some of the big fashion houses in Paris have shown, and Chanel is closing today. The always anticipated Céline presented a collection with some really beautiful pieces. “It’s about taking her out of urban life and putting her feet on the sand. It’s where I long to be, more and more,” said Phoebe backstage, and I couldn't agree more. “I am somebody who is interested in how clothes make us feel,” she said, “and in how we behave in different places. I thought, If you were traveling for a year, what would you need to take with you?” I believe this is brilliant, and it's a bit more "simple" than we are used to, the pieces are a bit more wearable. Simple might be the wrong world, but wearable and not to much. Phoebe is a genius, and she proves that with this collection.

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And then to Dior, and my absolut favorite Raf Simons. If you haven't seen Dior and I, make sure you do it really soon. It's unbelievable. Raf said about the collection that, "It’s a calm one, and very soft—away from the overdone. I didn’t want to embellish. So I was thinking about the South of France—rainbows and the simple things. Raf has a way of making couture ready to wear, and that's exactly what he has done here. Flowers were everywhere, and that's another reason why I love Raf. He used words such as pure, romantic and futurism backstage, and I couldn't agree more.

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Stella McCartney, a woman's favorite. The collection is all about knits, but in a effortless and comfortable way and with plenty of color. Stella never does wrong, and this is kind of a new collection for her, I've never seen this much color at a Stella show, and she does it perfectly fine.

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