We are happy to introduce the first of our collaborations with talented persons interpreting the Mouchegirl. First out is fashion editor and stylist Nadia Kandil. For Nadia it’s all about contrasts and she always envision to add something extra and unexpected. 

Read about Nadia's thoughts of fashion and influences and find her Mouche favourites here.

What’s your first memory of connecting with fashion?
- I don't have any special memory of connecting with fashion, I honestly don't know if I was into fashion as a girl. I never thought it would end up being my meal ticket!  

What are your influences?
- That is such a hard question. My influences vary so much, I get inspired and influenced by everything and often by small and at first insignificant things. Right now I'm all about deconstructing things, using pieces the way I feel like and not the way they're supposed to be used. 
If you could wear only one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
- Phoebe Philo. I feel like she's the only designer that makes clothes for real women with real lives and hectic schedules. She's doing it without compromises - flawless! And I'd trust her to make clothes for women no matter what fashion house she'd work for. 

What would you never wear?
- Crocs. 

How do you spend a sunny day of fall in the very best way?
- Brunch outside with my squad gossiping!

What did you envision planning the editorial for Mouche?
- The pieces I worked with were so simple and I didn't want to ruin that feeling. But still I'm all about contrasts so naturally I tried to add something extra and unexpected. I always have a really hard time explaining in words my vision even though I see it really clearly and know exactly how to get there when I’m in action.

What’s next up for you?
- I’m doing the last fashion editorials for the season and pretty soon starting to work on the spring collections. I have just recently moved my blog to Rodeo Magazine, so I am working a lot with that, which is so much fun!