I love living in Gothenburg, it's a lovely city in so many ways. However, when it rains from every direction, sideways, from above, you name it, I want to just disappear. Well, that was until I got myself a Stutterheim, the chicest raincoat out there. I had a hard time choosing style and color, I mean there are so many nice ones and then I went for the classic one, because well, my style is classic and I wanted it to match everything else in my closet.
However, looking at Stutterheim, and that type of brand I get amazed. It's a simple product, something we all need, living in Gothenburg or anywhere else, there will always be rain. So, why not look chic in it?
I love brands who focus on one product only, and masters it. I've never had a rain jacket like this and I probably won't try another one ever again and I'm so happy that you can find them at Mouche now. This look, the styling, the feathers, the suede, everything, is just pure perfection. I love it!