After what feels like the longest, darkest winter, one that forced most of us swedes to hibernate, we now finally wake up. Slowly we migrate outside to feel the sunlight in our faces, smell the fresh air of spring and inhale life again. This is when we feel most inspired to clean out our wardrobe and replace the old with the new.

In a typical Mouche wardrobe however you will always find some classic timeless pieces that will last season after season. Like this  Vanessa Bruno shirt, it might look like a basic white shirt, but when you look closely at the cut which is feminin yet edgy, simplistic yet at the same time crafted to perfection, you know this one is a keeper. The same goes for the black Forte_Forte  t-shirt, simple yet elegant and the perfect base. Add a pair of statement jeans like theese darling flares by the italian brand Tomboy  to provide that 70`s look and you are set for spring in a fashionable, yet timeless and effortless look.

Keep posted for our more edgy picks and pieces here at the blog tomorrow.

Happy Easter to you all / Love from Mouche.