Fashion used to be two collections per year, which means every designer had time to really develop themselves. A couple of years ago resort collections started to pop up, as well as pre, holiday and cruise collections which are all the same. At first, it was like it sounds, a collection inspired by vacation, for people who travelled in the winter. However, as the fashion world is suffering, brands need to sell more and how to solve that problem? Well, more collections, more clothes to sell. These collections rarely go on sale, because they hit the stores just before the big sales, and just at the time when we wan't something new and are kind of tired of those pieces which have been hanging in the stores for several months. That's why, the resort collections now days are more than vacation clothes, you can find anything, it's just a smaller collection where the brands sometimes go to the extremes a bit more, or just design a very classic collection true to the brand. 
There used to be no fuss about the resort collections, rarely any presentations or shows. That has also changed, and it even looks like the resort shows will be packed with streetstyle photographers, just like the main shows. In the end, it means that the fashion houses are spending just as much money on a show and collection while the designers get stressed about designing four collections a year instead of two. The fashion industry should ask themselves, is it worth it? We all know why Raf Simons left Dior, it was to much. Why doesn't Dries Van Noten become a creative director at another house? Well, focusing on his own is enough. We should cherish our young talents more than ask them to push their limits and let them be creative in their on pace.
With this said, the resort collections are always very very beautiful, perhaps because they are smaller? It makes them stronger and more put together. Resort pieces are often the pieces that becomes favorites in our closets, as well as the most remembered. 

Seen here, Helmut Lang Resort 2017. That all white look is everything we wish for.