Exclusive Sculptured Glass Table by Danny Lane

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Danny Lane is born in Urbana, Illinois in 1955 and is the leading exponent of glass sculpture. His monumental arrangements of stacked glass exploit the potential of the medium on a scale attempted by no-one else. From beginnings in the design and manufacture of glass furniture, his expertise in shaping and cutting objects that in themselves transform the function of the domestic objects they correspond to has provided him with a gamut of techniques to deploy in a series of large-scale free-standing and architectural commissions. Lane’s work combines a monumental, and at times brutal, physicality; stacked and fractured glass, twisted or rusted steel, with his strong belief in the metaphysical and transcendental qualities of art. Through exploiting the strength of glass under compression and combining feats of design and engineering, Lane produces work that has sophisticated construction despite the apparent simplicity Glass is an inherently unstable, brittle substance, associated more frequently with delicacy and fragility than with the flexibility and load-bearing capacity that Danny Lane obliges it to maintain. Its unevenly broken edges and stratifications in his work refract the light that often makes a vacancy of glass in public, transferring into visual form the instability that the physical tension of his sculptures keeps triumphantly at bay. Danny Lane was, with Ron Arad and Tom Dixon, an architect of the avant-garde furniture movement of the 1980s. His sculptural glass furniture such as the dramatic Etruscan Chair (1986) and Stacking Chair, introduced the thrill of broken glass to the slick design world of the 80's.Danny Lane’s work is in museums, private and corporate collections worldwide.

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