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Definition of Pre-Loved;
Things come and go, somethings lasts forever and somethings is just for a special purpose. At Mouche we are somewhat against trends and to buy "just because" but in our job as stylists we always have to seek out for pieces to complete a look, add the little extra and become just that. But we want our styling pieces to live further than a photo shoot so we will sell our pieces here, for a reduced price. Here you'll find well kept interior pieces and procs, please love them as much as we did.

  1. Layered Shaggy Ryamatta Faded Grey
  2. Layered Shaggy Ryamatta Off White
  3. Layered Shaggy Ryamatta Smokey Rose
  4. Layered Grand Pouf Burnt Rose
  5. Layered French Pouf

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