20th Anniversay Macintosh

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March 20, 1997: Apple launches its Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, a futuristic special edition Mac that’s ahead of its time in every way. Not part of any established Mac line, it brings a look (and a price!) unlike anything else available. And yet the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh promptly bombs. Today, it’s a collector’s piece.Somewhat confusingly, the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh didn’t actually represent the 20th anniversary of the Mac. (That milestone passed in 2004 with very little fanfare from Apple.) Instead, the innovative Mac marked 20 years since the 1977 incorporation of Apple. With the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, Apple easily could have looked to the past and built a Mac that paid tribute to the look of the original Macintosh 128K. In some ways, this would have made perfect sense in the “bad old days” of the 1990s, when Apple was effectively selling to a small but devoted group of Mac addicts.

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