We love the south of France and always spend some days here during summer vacation to reload and enjoy sun, good food and gather inspiration.

The other day we went to the ancient city of Arles in Provence and spent some intense and rewarding hours there. The city is known for its medieval enormous roman amphitheatre, its pittoresque authentic architecture, stunning southern light and the annual festival of photography ’Rencontres de la photo’. 

The festival offers several amazing exhibitions that is located in old churches, monasteries and mansions around the city. You get the possibility to see established and newcomers in photography and get a really inspirational culture boost to bring home.

At lunch there are many lovely places to choose between, many of them working with local bio products and a tasteful French kitchen. Our favourite is the restaurant L’ouvre Boîte at 22 Rue du Cloître where you can enjoy good food, wines in a typical southern French atmosphere. When strolling down the street of Rue du Cloître, you find a small design hotel namned Hotel du Cloître, please check in if you want to stay over, enjoy nice ambience and an interior with that extra French touch.

Read more about 'Rencontres de la photo' here.

Photo enclosed by the French photographer Charles Fréger - read more about his work here.

To check out restaurant 'L'Ouvre Boîte' look here.