Tailored coats in beautiful materials and colors are one of my favorite items. I love when summer days get a bit chillier so that I can welcome the early fall days in a coat. The time before winter, and ice cold winds forces us to layer in all kinds of knits, you have plenty of fashionable ways of wearing a coat.
These three ladies proves my point. Jenna in a classic black coat paired with a white shirt and statement shoes. I can't ask for more when it comes to the perfect everyday look. Caroline Issa shows that you don't need more than a pair of good denim and a beige coat to look super chic and then last but not least the cosy grey coat paired with a long dress. This is my personal favorite. I love pairing a dress, long or short, with a coat. It gives me a certain feeling, I can't put words on it, you just have to try and you fall fall in love with this french inspired look.