Rule 1.

Dare to be special, dare to stand out in the crowd and dare to be you!

At Mouche we would like to promote just that, we continuously aim to stay true to ourselves, what we do, how we do it and simply why we do it. With this we want to give you some tips of the trade, promote your inner strength and credibility to you, our #Mouchegirls (Remember Instagram!)

Rule 1, the lipstick; The red lips signalise strength, femininity, the mouth of the voice to be heard and not at all the sex symbol that some might think. So tomorrow, when you get dressed and put on your regular make up, add a smashing red lipstick, walk with your head held high, back straight and smile to the world, you will see that it will smile back or if i’m wrong, take Gwen's advice:

”When the world kicks your butt, put on your red lipstick and kick back!” – Gwen Stefani

k and kick back!” – Gwen Stefani