For some time now the skirt length has been a little longer, not full length, but just below the knee. That chic, very elegant look is still "it", especially in a flowy silk material with pleats, a very luxurious look that I love wearing during summer.
However, the mini skirt is making a comeback. I stopped by the Mouche Apartment the other day and the first drop of one my favorites, Vanessa Bruno had just arrived. There were beautiful knits, like seriously, I could move in to them and not wear anything else until spring. And then there was a gorgeous mini skirt in the softest felt in just the right dark green. When it comes to fit, Vanessa Bruno is one of the best. Her skirts and dresses show of just the right details of your body. Somehow the skirt made my legs look leaner and longer, and who doesn't say no to that. 
As I started of, the mini skirt is making a comeback. I love styling it with a shirt for that extra chic look, or a cosy knit and over-knee boots during winter. Leila Yavari does it just right! See you in your minis!