As the world is mourning one of times most original, unique, beautiful, genius and truly amazing artists we would like to wipe away the sadness of his loss and instead applaud his grateness! 
The fact that he was a groundbreaking star is no doubt but the fact that he was one of the most inspiring and true fashion icon is an equal statement!
With his Victorian peasant blouses, sequins, and a seemingly bottomless pool of purple, he portrayed a distinct rock god look and no one rocked the frilled blouse (which, to say the least, is more in fashion now that ever) better than him! 
And the platforms... shame that no men picked up on that trend, it would kill the little-man syndrome in no time. 

Prince continuesly awed his audiences with his dynamic, vivid fashion sense and his dizzying array of looks. Always iconoclastic and never ever dull! Challenging and stretching the boundaries of masculinity, sex, race, and rock ’n’ roll with his fantastic and gender-bending onstage costumes. The energy he injected to his audience in every performance he rocked is enough to last us a life.

We can't say it enough, dare to be the greatest of you, ad a splash of purple to brighten up the dullest days! And if you need help with that, just turn to Prince, close your eyes and sway away to Kiss!