One rule I always try to follow when it comes to buying bags is, one in, one out. It's simple really, we don't need that many bags and it's smarter in so many ways. Overconsumption is one of the worst things I know. I rather spend a little more money on one piece than spending less money on several pieces at the high streets (we should talk more about that).
As much as I love buying new bags, there's something about finding the perfect vintage bag. Perhaps it's a bag you never got your hands on, or the leather already has that perfect worn feeling. Buying a bag is an investment, trust me, which motivates spending a little more, especially when you can sell it if you get tired of it or want a new one. 
I'm so happy over the fact that Mouche now offers luxury vintage pieces, take a look here, at the Mouche Circle. I'm actually selling some Céline. This is a brilliant move if you ask me, taking care of the environment and thinking more about sustainability and longevity.

Image via Mija